Travel Search Script

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions - if you cant find the answer to your question, dont hesitate to contact us and we'll do our best to help.

How does TravelSearchScript Work?

TravelSearchScript is a website that integrates into two affiliate providers - one for hotels, one for flights. Using the integration provided by the affiliates, you can display flight and hotel search results on your website, and you get paid for every 'lead' - which is every visitor that clicks through to look at the hotel or flight provider - they do not have to make a purchase for you to get paid your commission.

So why cant I just setup my own site with the two affiliates then?

You can. However you wont get anywhere near as good integration as TravelSearchScript. We've spent a long time making sure that our system is able to not only integrate results, but integrate the forms that get you to those results - at no point do people get redirected off to another subdomain of your site - the experience is clean and consistent. No other script does this.

So I'm paying for integration?

Yes and no. Yes you get that as part of TravelSearchScript, but you also get a beautiful design, a complete MVC based PHP system, an easy to use content system, and a complete SEO friendly website.

Ok, thats all great, but will it work on my hosting account?

It should do! TravelSearchScript uses PHP (it does not need a database). The only requirement is PHP 5.3 or above with Ioncube loader support. Your PHP installation should have the MCrypt and Fileinfo extensions, which all reputable hosts support as standard.

Wait, its encrypted?

Partly. We encrypt some sections that contain search algorythems and the license system. We dont however encrypt areas that would be used to add additional features, so any custom development you may do will not be affected.

So, how do I actually make any money here?

Good question. Ok, a user (lets call them 'Bob') visits your site. Bob is looking for a hotel in New York. So he types in 'New York', enters his dates and hits search. He's now shown all the hotels available in New York for his selected dates. Bob then sees that the Ritz Carlton is on special offer, so he clicks the link to view more details. This is when you get paid - Bob has left your site and gone off to somewhere like Expedia or, who have then told your affiliate provider that Bob has been referred to them, from your site. Simple!

Can I flip sites using this then?

Absolutely. Dont forget though that each site needs a valid license. We do monitor forums and flippa, so dont try anything ;) We've had several sales of sites using our system, they sell on average for $200 per site. If you're serious about flipping, contact us - we'll happily work out a bulk licensing deal for you to get discounted licenses.

What if I want a different colorscheme or layout?

As default TravelSearchScript ships with the 'red' theme seen in the demo. We do however provide color customisation and custom designs if you dont wish to do it yourself (its pretty easy to do though!). Take a look at our 'order' page to see the options. If you're buying a bulk license, contact us first and we can work out a deal on offering different colorschemes for each licensed domain.

Can I change domains later?

All licenses are 'locked' to the domain provided by you, and will work on that doman (and that domain only) for life. Licenses for additional domains will need to be purchased individually.

Do you offer a refund?

Because of the way licenses are issued, we can't offer refunds once you've been given your license key.

Will you host the website for me?

We've partnered with who offer affordable domains and hosting services. All of their Linux hosting plans are fully compatible with TravelSearchScript.